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"Effective insomnia management holds promise as a cost-effective health care intervention." —Pfizer Corporation

"Great results!"—Fortune magazine

Insomnia is a severe liability for American industry. Thirty-five to 40 percent of Americans—your employees among them—struggle with daytime drowsiness severe enough to significantly impair job performance. Sleep-deprived workers are inefficient, inattentive, and often just plain absent. They are more likely to suffer accidental death, strokes, heart disease, or depression than their well-rested peers. And they cause accidents that can cost you, big-time. The bottom line? Direct medical costs are estimated at $14 billion a year; indirect costs a whopping $28 billion. [View all supporting data.]

Now, there’s a solution.

Sounder Sleep Sominars offers a variety of corporate consulting packages to enhance employees' morale, productivity, and on-the-job alertness. So they'll sleep at home, not on the job.

Program options include:

  • employee seminars
  • individual executive training
  • onsite education programs
  • or a combination of all three.

We also offer keynote speakers for annual meetings, conferences, and retreats. Our principal speaker is Sounder Sleep Sominars' founder, Michael Krugman, author of The Insomnia Solution: The Natural, Drug-Free Way To A Good Night's Sleep (Warner Books 2005). All programs are custom-tailored to suit your company's needs and concerns.

Here are a few examples of what we have done:

  • For the CEO of a major financial institution, we designed a program of brief stress-reduction exercises to be done throughout the day. After two weeks his blood pressure declined, and he became more focused and efficient on and off the job.

  • A large manufacturing firm identified a group of 1600 employees under special stress. We developed a brief series of daytime seminars in stress reduction and sleep support. Employees reported improved daytime alertness, better sleep at night, and greater job statisfaction. Management reported enhanced morale and prductivity in the target group.

  • The owner of a health-services company with 500 employees hadn't slept without medication in 25 years. After a few private consultations, he began sleeping three or four nights out of seven without medication. With ongoing sleep training, he expects to reduce his medication further. He has also lost 20 pounds.

Interested? Contact us, and we'll craft a program that's just right for you and your company. For immediate response, please call 866.864.4071.