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Our Best-Selling Self-Help Program
Now Available Via Digital Download

For your convenience, we now offer the Rest Assured Insomnia Self-Help Kit in MP3 format for immediate digital download. Please click the purple button, below, to add to your cart. Price: $39.95.

El Sistema del Sueño Sounder: Tres técnicas en español

Hemos preparado una grabación MP3 con las técnicas del Sistema del Sueño Sounder en español presentado por la maestra Aerin Alexander (AR). Cuatro técnicas efectivas, placenteras, y hypnagénicas. Costo: $20 US.


Rest Assured: Self-Healing for Insomnia
and the Stress of Life

All-New Audio Self-Help Kit on 3 Compact Discs
with twelve-page, illustrated booklet in archival case.

Physical CD set is product not currently available.
Immediate digital download: $39.95. See above.

Now, there's an all-natural, drug-free solution for stress-induced insomnia. Rest Assured offers a suite of easy, effective self-help techniques that will enable you to get all the sleep you need, tonight and every night. You'll sleep better, feel better, and enjoy life more.

Rest Assured is the cutting-edge, audio self-help program based on the Sounder Sleep System as taught by Michael Krugman. This is the perfect solution for those who can't attend one of our live Sounder Sleep Sominars. It's also a great way to sustain your ongoing practice of the Sounder Sleep System following attendance in a live program.

Rest Assured offers a selection of our most popular, most effective sleep-supporting techniques in a practical, easy-to-use format. Simply listen to the program and practice the gentle exercises as directed, and you're bound to achieve more restful, more satisfying sleep—Rest Assured!

Please Note: The physical CD set is not currently available. For digital version delivered directly to your computer, please see the top of this page. Thank you!


Feel Better Already (SKU 0013)

This is where it all started! This charming, 24-page illustrated booklet has shown thousands of people all over the world how to achieve a more peaceful life with the pleasurable, easy-to-learn techniques for deep repose. Now in its second edition.

"I would like to thank Michael for writing this little book. As a pediatric nurse I use the techniques with my patients, many of whom are undergoing chemo. They are great for between office visits.Thank you!" — Iris Henderson, RN

“Thank you for the precious mini-moves. Small is beautiful!" — Tamir, actress and yoga teacher

Stock is limited on this item. At present, a complementary copy of this booklet is shipped with individual orders of REST ASSURED (order above). We're sorry, we do not have individual copies for sale at this time.



The Insomnia Solution (SKU 0069)

Currently out of stock. Please use this link to order from

This ground-breaking book presents all the basic principles and practices of the Sounder Sleep System in a popular, engaging style. Fully illustrated.

Grand Central Books. Paperback, 335 pp. $19.95 plus s/h.

"Every word of instruction is carefully thought through so as to be of maximum possible help to the reader." —Karl E. Humiston, M.D. (retired)

"You are a superb writer! Your thoughts and emotions come though your words in the most uncanny way."—Jeff, software engineer

"I am amazed! Sleep is just not a problem for me anymore."—Bill Goodman, fibromyalgia sufferer