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Teacher Training Program
in Sleep Coaching and Somatic Sleep Education


Winter Early-Enrollment Period November 9-21.
Enroll now for our Early-Enrollment Discounts.

The Sounder Sleep System consists of gentle yet remarkably effective movement and breathing techniques that you do during the day and at bedtime to make falling asleep easy and pleasurable. If you wake up during the night, the techniques get you back to sleep quickly. In these turbulent times, these are essential tools for self-healing and inner peace.

Our All-Online Professional Training Group is designed to provide healing-arts professionals with all the tools they need to help their clients overcome insomnia and achieve deeper, more restful sleep with the Sounder Sleep System. Study from your own home or office, and learn at your own pace.

Completion of our online curriculum leads to authorization as a teacher of the Sounder Sleep System.

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Early-Enrollment discounted tuition is in effect until November 21.


In this course the unique practices of the Sounder Sleep System are presented for the first time in a highly efficient "triad" format that makes the material easier to learn and more convenient to organize and teach than ever before. Each triad consists of three fundamental techniques: one of our powerful daytime relaxation techniques, called DayTamers, and two of our bedtime sleep-induction techniques, called NightTamers.

By teaching one, two, or three triads, you can easily create learning modules of varying lengths adapted to a wide variety of situations. Taught as a unit, each triad provides your clients a powerful, easily assimilated package of self-help for insomnia. You can also present the content of a single triad in a series of two or three shorter lessons if desired.


In addition to an audio recording of each technique, you will receive a transcript and commentary plus a variety of related didactic materials, providing a well-rounded practical and theoretical presentation of the system. All educational materials for the course are delivered online via the Sounder Sleep System web site and a private Facebook group, which also hosts discussion with the trainer and other participants in the course.

The upcoming course will present six triads (a total of eighteen techniques) each with corresponding didactic materials. Approximately three weeks will be devoted to the study of each "triad."

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Early-Bird discounted tuition is in effect until November 21.


The trainer for the course is Michael Krugman, founder of the Sounder Sleep System. Michael founded the system in 1999 and has taught it in fifteen countries of North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has trained over 250 teachers of the system. A more detailed biography is here.


Our Winter 2016 Early-Enrollment Period runs now to November 21. Educational materials will be distributed on-line. Early registration is encouraged, and offers considerable savings. Until November 21.


Our Professional Training Group is open to all practitioners of medicine, alternative medicine, physical therapy, psychotherapy, somatic education, bodywork, counseling, and movement arts. Interested lay people and members of other professions may be admitted on a person-by-person basis at the discretion of the trainer.


The program is presented in the English language. Trainees not fluent in English are advised to seek live training in their own language via our Upcoming Programs page.


If you have any question or concern that is not answered here, please contact us. We will be happy to help.


Newly entering trainees: Regular tuition, $1400 USD.
• Discounted, early-bird tuition: $900 (until November 21, 2016)

Register for our Professional Training Group
Simply click the purple button now.
Early-Bird discounted tuition is in effect until November 21!